Irrigation Repair/ Install

Island Eco-Scapes is a member of the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia. We offer installation, repairs and service to commercial and Residential clients on Central Vancouver Island. With the many droughts we have seen over the past 10 years we encourage all of our clients to look at many water conservation strategies available.

Regular Scheduled Services

Spring Start Up

Island Eco-Scapes will ensure your system is ready to go when the hot weather sets in. We will recharge your system, check all the heads, adjust sprays, re-program timers according to Nanaimo water restriction by-laws, test each zone.


In the fall Island Eco-Scapes will winterize your system by shutting off the water to main lines, blowing air through each zone, turning off the computer

Money Saving upgrades

Upgrading your nozzles to conserve water/ save money. Installing a rain sensor so you’re not wasting money on water when its raining.

New System Installation

Island Eco-Scape will design and install a system in your yard that meets local and Irrigation Industry Association standards. We will install a programable irrigation controller to allow you to go away and not have to worry about watering. The system will be separated into different zone so plants requiring different water needs can be water separately.